From Empty Nest to New & Improved…

A British executive finds herself with an empty empty nest and decides to embrace the change and re-envision her space creating a light, modern, and airy feel to family home. Come take a peak… 

Main Floor


Second Floor


Third Floor “The Pent House”


Down to the last teaspoon... 

Our globe trotting Danish executive is offered a job in D.C. for the year. Starting a new job, in a new country is stressful enough without the added hassle of creating a home, cue Domestic Engineering. 

Domestic Engineering was set task of to creating a home for our executive based on the Danish concept of Hygge. Our executive arrived to her two bedroom apartment (now home) fully furnished (dining room & work area, living room and two bedrooms) with all linens, crockery, utensils and cooking materials acquired and placed in their rightful place.



A Million Dollar Wardrobe is Being Eaten Alive….

In Van Ness a client’s all organic natural fibre home and million dollar clothing collection is being destroyed by moths, from an unknown location in their 5,000 sq/ft home 

The role of Domestic Engineering was to create and implement a moth remediation strategy, using the greenest possible solution. Tasks included vendor selection and management in five different categories of work, implementation of staging plan and inventory system for the large volume of items being removed from the house, and creation and implementation of moth prevention plan.  

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red reiss jacket.jpeg
fur coat.jpg

Pest Management / Cleaning / Upholstery & Special Dry Cleaning Crew Working