Founded on the principles of environment, well-being, and creativity  


Domestic Engineering is dedicated to successfully and seamlessly transforming the houses and homes of global individuals and families. 

We provide end-to-end services during key transitions in a homeowner’s life cycle, including home and room planning, renovations, up-sizing, down-sizing, aging in place, or even moving around the world. With an integrated network of contractors, interior designers, fixers, movers, and realtors, I personally manage every stage of your home's transformation.

What sets us apart is our problem-solving approach and focus on environment.

We believe environment is the link between your well-being and your space. It’s the way a place makes you feel, the textures and colors that surround you, and the emotions and memories evoked through your sensory living experience.

From concept through construction we create a tailored and adaptable environment to meet your current and changing needs and desires.